Saturday, May 31, 2008

currently, my computer and i are fighting

Three things.

First: this is why I love the South. Also, I totally understand, because I have Vista and sometimes my computer and I argue. Although dude shot his, can't say my computer do anything more than throw each other around sometimes.

Second: best to Monica, who's flying to Germany tomorrow. And to Alicia, who's going ahead of us to Colombia tonight. Fly safely, both of you!

Third: it is freaking hot. Like, hot hot. As in, we're poor and don't run our air conditioner so we've got the door open and the fan going and it's about 107 degrees outside and it's still May but I took a shower and got out and then was sweating and it's just horrible and miserable and our apartment complex STILL has not opened the pool and really, I'd like to ask them to hang out in my house one day (or night - my sunburn finally started to peel because apparently I started sweating last night) so maybe they'll open it because it is a furnace and I am going to die.


badblueduck said...

107??? WOW.. it's a good thing I left before that sun got me too!! miss ya!

moaniecracker said...

Thanks for the well wishes! I need them. And...damn...107? It was 85 in the triangle and with humidity it sucked!!!! Hopefully it'll be cooler in Germany. Best of luck in Columbia...oops I mean Colombia.

sarawr said...

i should say that it wasn't that hot outside, it probably got a little above ninety. but inside, yes, my guess is pretty high up there.