Monday, May 12, 2008

a week without sundrop

All right. I'm leaving super early tomorrow morning and I'm going to Virginia. High up in the mountains where there is no cell phone reception or internet access. Participating in weird Christian rituals like singing with your hands in the air and praying out loud with the words Father God replacing all commas. Just kidding, it's kind of like a big Christian conference and I'm really excited about going.

That said, this is it. This is the week that, in one respect, I've been dreading for several months. It's kind of the precursor for Colombia. I'll be going this week without Sundrop. Not sure how it's going to go. BUT I'm drinking lots extra tonight to make up for it. Evidenced:

I'm sort of bouncing off the walls right now. And the only thing scarier than that face of mine is how dirty my mirror is. I swear it's from brushing my wet hair. Not from, like, sneezing or anything.

Here's my Johnny Depp's cheekbone's impression. It's also my karate/ninja impression.

And this is what I'll look like as the caffeine leaves my system sometime around Tuesday night or Wednesday morning. With headaches ensuing.

Until then, it's all yours Nicole. <3!!


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