Tuesday, May 6, 2008

so i've taken up salsa dancing

And let me tell you, it is pretty great - and I am pretty bad at it.

I've actually had a lot of fun with it, learning and all. Plus, I totally get to touch other people's hands, and I know it's weird, but I'm completely in love with hands. Actually, that said, I should be less likely to want to touch a bunch of people's hands just like I wouldn't want to be making out with all those people (since way back when I liked a boy enough to date him, I really liked kissing), but I digress. I just like hands, and every once in a great while someone I'm dancing with will have really wonderful hands and I forget about dancing and get even more off step than I normally am and just feel their hands and the way they fit with mine.

Which totally makes me sound like a freak.

Right, so when I'm not sexually harassing people via hand holding, I'm yelling no se como bailar! as smooth latin dancers pull me onto the floor. Sometimes, I'm kind of like a fridge and really it's just hopeless and embarrassing, but other times I forget that I don't know how and I do really well, considering. So I can't wait to dance in Colombia, although from what my roommate tells me I'll have to learn all over again, but I'm excited. And of the little I can say in Spanish, at least I can tell them I don't know how to dance.

It's completely risky though, I've decided. I need to develop one of those eyes that can pick out the nasty, perverted guys, kind of like a gaydar, because, while a lot of the people are patient and nice, some of them just want to bump and grind and let me tell you, it ain't happenin'. There's gonna be some bumpin' and grindin' of his teeth on the floor when I beat him up. Right hook, duck, swing bam bam. You know.

I've also decided I was born the wrong color. I should be at least three different colors, but alas, I am trapped in the body of skinny white girl who can't dance. But it's, like, fighting its way out of me, cause I'm a gangster and I say giiiirrrrl and I got back.

Aaaaanyway. The real purpose of this post is to say Nicole's leaving today. And we're going to miss her. And I'm going to get a picture and put it on here of me waving goodbye as Nicole pulls onto the open road saying, dirty Jerz, I'm comin' home.

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