Thursday, May 22, 2008

harrison ford, marry me

so, just got back from seeing the new Indiana Jones movie, and let me tell you, harrison has STILL got it. (as if there was ever any doubt...shame on you who did!) he is as suave and charming as ever and better call me if things ever go south with calista.

the movie turned out to not be what i was expecting exactly, but i guess when you think about it it did follow basically the same pattern as the rest by having some other-worldy part play into it, and let me tell you, in this one, that is ESPECIALLY true. but i won't ruin anything for you. that's all i'm gonna say!

following in my dearly beloved harrison's footsteps, literally, is shia labeouf, who i might love just as much as harrison. he was also just as amazing and i will probably end up re-watching disturbia and transformers later just so i can have a little more shia in my life. expect big things from him, people! he's on his way to being the next harrison, though there, of course, could never be another <3.

in summation: harrison is still hot and kicking, shia is wonderful, and you need to go see the movie. (as if you weren't planning on it in the first place!) p.s. i know sara is going to incredibly agree with me on all of this. we're good like that. just ask about her tattoo :-p

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sarawr said...

even stevens shia fro = has been known to induce heart failure in viewers. harrison ford and his indiana hat and whip = recuscitates them every time.