Saturday, May 10, 2008

used-to-being-short-person syndrome

I've discovered something about myself, although at the moment I can't remember exactly what made me realize it. I've known I'm sometimes kind of an awkward person (though, to be fair, I'm not nearly as awkward as I used to be and there are certainly people worse than I am), but I am especially so with people who are smaller than me.

Now, I don't mean people who are younger than me, because they're supposed to be smaller. And I guess it's just because I've always been the smallest and shortest person, so I don't really know how to act around them. It just doesn't make sense to me. That is, unless a person is younger than me, my brain just doesn't think he should be smaller. So it's kind of like how some people don't really know how to act around kids. And I have to keep myself from acting around them the way I might some other little person (and, for me, those are generally child-things),

It's not strange with Nicole, but I think I'm just used to her now. Because I vaguely remember feeling very strange back freshman year when it was just the two of us walking together. Like I should bend my knees very slowly until I'm the very shortest and no one noticed at all. Isn't that a dance move? The elevator?

Also, I'm at my mom's house for the weekend. And the day before I came three tornadoes touched down in this county and the neighboring county. And here, if we ever get tornadoes, they are F0's, but Thursday they were F2's and F3's and flipped over some planes at the airport. And when my friend Antonio and I were driving around last night, we were almost certain we were seeing a wall cloud being lit up by the lightning. It was insane.

And another cool thing about being home - I just got my braces adjusted and they've moved so much just since yesterday and I am hurting so bad. But the cool thing is my mom always hooks me up. I'm definitely on some narcotics right now, and everything is gooooooood.


p.s. when I stood up just now, it took everything else a second to catch up to my height.. teeheehee.

[UPDATE: five minutes of medicine head and then feeling like you're going to throw up for the rest of the night is not gooooood. Never again, never again, never again..]


nicolioliolio said...

i take IMMENSE offense to this post. haha

sarawr said...

i can't help it! and i'm not really like it anymore, i just used to be. and you might be too if there were people smaller than you since you've always been the tiniest! besides, remember you'll always be larger than life in my mind, miss future hollywood <3.