Saturday, May 10, 2008

greetings from jersey!

hello, lovers! did you miss me? it has been over 2 weeks since my last posting and poor sara has had to hold down the fort all by her lonesome. well, fear not! i have returned after a much too long absence due to crazy amounts of papers, projects, finals, being in what seemed like a constant state of sickness in some form, working every weekend all weekend, and finally, thankfully, packing up my life in NC and moving it back here to NJ for the summer after an incredibly boring 10 hour long drive up the eastern seaboard. that's right, you read that correctly, TEN HOURS.

i'd like to be able to report that other exciting and fabulous things managed to occur in the interim besides those things mentioned above, but as per usual, not really... besides the fact that i'm finally free of the cape harbor hell hole and summer is OFFICIALLY here, there has been little cause for extreme bouts of joy, but that's not to take away from those two things just mentioned, as they were highly anticipated and incredibly freeing as i haven't felt in a very long time.

in original nicole fashion, i have decided not to take summer classes so as to avoid wasting money on gas, having homework, and having a restricted schedule to work the job that i don't have yet. so as of this current date, though i've only been home not even 3 days, summer is shaping up to be a whole lot of lounging around doing not much of anything. and any of you who know, know that's pretty much my life goal, especially as far as summer is concerned. works for me! minus the whole not having a job part, because i actually really do want/need one since a person generally needs money to survive and purchase whatever their heart may desire (or be responsible and pay off student loans...just a thought).

while i can't wait for all my jersey lovers to arrive for some loooongggg overdue hanging out and general seeing of each other after months and months of not, i already miss NC and everyone there. i started missing everything the minute i got on 40 and i wasn't even fully out of wilmington yet! oh, how that place and people have stolen my heart <3

should i not get a job, or even if i do, i have decided to create of list of things i hope to accomplish over the course of the summer as opposed to being that incredibly lazy bum we know i can be and have mentioned earlier i thought about again becoming. so, here is a working version of my summer goals:
  1. get enough sun that i don't have to show people my butt for them to believe i am already tan
  2. eat my weight in ice cream, but manage to successfully keep it off by having a steady work out regime
  3. take more pictures of my crazy, amazing friends
  4. write (and finish) another screenplay and/or short story
  5. do my laundry in a more timely manner as opposed to letting nearly everything i own get dirty so i'm left with only my granny panties and an XXL t-shirt that i forget why i own in the first place until laundry day comes each week (or two)
  6. go to all 31 movies released from now until august that i want to see
what do you think? good plan so far? i thought so, too. who knows, maybe this will inspire each of you to make your own list! good luck, and lemme know how it goes!


sarawr said...

granny panties <3! and you should know i'll be helping you plenty on the nc end of the icecream effort.

nicolioliolio said...

the granny panties comment was especially for you! <3