Saturday, May 24, 2008

the office

Interesting factoid about me: I love office supplies. Incidentally, I work in an office. Even more incidentally, my office within the office is the office that holds the office supplies. It's kind of my dream to be given a shopping spree at a place like Office Max. In however many years, maybe I'll be teaching, maybe I won't, but either way, I'm going to have my own office, and it's going to have a large, overbearing desk. And in it and on it, I'm also going to have every type of office supply that was ever invented. All kinds of things I'll never actually use, and I'll probably never write on the desk, either, since I do most of that on beds or couches or somewhere actually comfortable.

So all that said, it's very hard for me not to steal supplies from the office I work at. We got in this massive shipment yesterday of supplies and let me just tell you: temptation is a stack of college-ruled notebooks as high as my head. In light blue, forest green with a hint of lime, and the ever-appropriate office-black. Oh man, and boxes of transparent tape. Like, not that supposedly transparent stuff that is more like frosted, I mean actually transparent. Imagine packing tape but in small dispensers. And more pens and pencils than I could ever use in a lifetime.

To be fair, if I actually took any of that stuff, I probably wouldn't use it. I just love having the supplies. I get notebooks for every gift holiday and I've yet to fill a single one up (though I've got most half-filled), but what I really like is just to open them and feel the paper. Or organize the supplies on my desk that I don't use and stand back admiringly and say: gosh I could do so much with these supplies. I could tape things! I could organize! I could write and write and the paper would feel smooth and new and wonderful!

(Whooo, that wasn't so bad. I've been thinking about writing a post for a week now and I finally have. Muchos gracias to Nicole for being amazing these last two weeks!!)


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