Sunday, May 11, 2008

the lengths to which hippies will go to do hippie things

This week has been the week for crazy weather. I drove home today in rain so heavy I couldn't see the car in front of me at one point, and it definitely hailed a little bit. But I am happy to report to you all that my little car made the 400 mile trip, half or so of it through the rain (which is always when it dies), and when I got back home and turned it off, it started again as soon as I cranked it. So I have a bigger crush than normal on my car right now.

Also, I saw Garden State (all the way through) for the first time tonight, and it was amazing.

But what I really want to say is that my roommate (the Colombian, not the deodorant one) is a crazy hippie. We were standing outside this place called Gumby's, which could be a story in itself because Gumby's is great. They've got this thing called Pokey Sticks. And they're kind of like cheese sticks, but not really. Maybe like pizza without the sauce, and cut up into little rectangles. Deliciousness. Although that's not my story.

So we were standing outside and the weather has been crazy so it was really windy. And while we were waiting for our food, Alicia asked for some styrofoam cups to pour our Sundrop into because she was just that thirsty and couldn't wait. And of course I partook. And when we were waiting and our cups were empty but our hands were full of Pokey Sticks boxes, all of a sudden the wind gusted her cup out of her hand and there it was rolling across the parking lot.

And let me tell you, Alicia was horrorstruck. Horrorstruck. She turned to me with this look on her face like she was going to cry so I said, "Go! Go get it! Run!" And she started running across the parking lot, hands full of pizza boxes and her giant purse thing and so she was kind of waddling but she was running after that thing and it was rolling away and I was picturing her sitting on the couch sipping Sundrop contentedly from it later. And then - then - I see her stomp the cup and shoot her fist in the air and maybe the wind was too loud in my ears, but she could have yelled victory!

What she actually yelled was this:


So here's to chasing styrofoam cups (please everyone note the irony of that - how many centuries does styrofoam take to decompose again?) because I WILL NOT LITTER!


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