Wednesday, May 14, 2008

two birds with one stone!

remember those things i wanted to accomplish this summer? two of things were 1. find a job so that i could afford to 2. see the ridiculously large number of movies i wanted to from now until august. well, my friends, it seems i have found an amazingly simple solution to this problem... working at the movie theater.

now, some of you may know that i actually ventured down this road way back in the winter of 2005, almost did the summer of '06, thought about it the summer of '07, and here i am once again, in the summer of '08, and it looks like it's ripping tickets and selling popcorn for me, again!

granted, the only legitimate time i worked there in said winter of '05, i did end up quitting hardly a month later, but that was during senior year of hs and things were crazy and the hours and frequency of those hours was certainly more than i could handle with a full schedule that included AP history with crazy Savage.

now, in the summer, when i desperately need the money to pay off what seems like my never-ending credit card bill and get to see all those damned movies that are calling my name to sit in the theater and spend 90-120 minutes of life watching, it will certainly be enough for me to handle. plus, i have nearly 2 years of crazy aramark concessions under my belt, along with 6 months of waitressing, and ask any waitress and she'll tell you that once you've done that, you can pretty much do anything!

oh, i might have mentioned that the getting to see all those movies part was not me sneaking away when i was supposed to be sweeping to catch various parts of various ones, but that as an employee i am allowed two free passes a week for either me and a friend or myself twice. and i love my friends, but with the record number of movies i plan on attending in such a short amount of time, it might be more often than not that both those passes are getting used on numero uno here. sorry, guys. i still love you, though!

so, i foresee this all as a good thing that's going to work out. of course, i say that now, but there is always the possibility that in no time flat i'll be coming back here to rant about rude customers, ridiculous hours, and lazy co-workers (or maybe cute ones!), but let's hope not! (except the cute co-worker part :-P )

p.s. sara is gone, and it is so lonely without her! let's hope i'm doing filling in this gap without her justice!

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sarawr said...

please eat bags and bags of delicious buttery popcorn for me. also, i'm going to see indiana jones with some friends. if we go at the same, it'll be like we're going together *sniff*