Saturday, May 17, 2008

sara may be smarter than all of us

i sat around for a reasonable amount of time last night without any pants on.

idk what it was about last night, but when i got back from seeing iron man with cait and melinda (AMAZING, btw, everyone go see it!) and after we had sat for an hour and a half in cait's car in my driveway talking about why boys are stupid, girls are stupid, and how just people in general are stupid, all i wanted to do was get into my room and take my pants off.

now, i was wearing jeans, so for any of you know who know me know that that's kind of a big deal, so it may have been that. but i think even if i had been wearing my usual casual, comfy pants, those would have just has quickly been stripped.

i never understood what sara meant when she spoke of the freedom of running around in your underwear, because certainly any body image issues and insecurities would restrict the joys of said supposed freedom, but i certainly took pleasure in spending 10 minutes standing in front of the tv in the living room trying to set up the VCR at 12am with the overhead light on, blinds up, and neighbor's similarly uncovered windows a few feet away.

as i'm always one to opt for comfort over appearance, after discovering just how much i in fact like running around with no pants on, i might opt to do so more often! sara and i always say we seem to be rubbing off on each other in various and interesting ways, so as far as this goes... well done, sara!

and to whomever may have stolen my pants... well, i say you can just go on ahead and keep them!

note: this post was especially in green :-)

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sarawr said...

AHAHAAHAHAAA oooh that is amazing.