Thursday, May 8, 2008

i am a mess-maker

Something about me: I'm a little bit disastrous.

I'm one of those people who, if I'm happy or excited, is just bubbling over with it, full and elated and energetic and unable to hold it all in. Likewise, if I love somebody, I love them all the way, with all of me, as hard as I can, more than what might be considered smart by some. Even when I screw it up, which I tend to do, if I love someone, I love them more than anyone in the world. And when I'm mad or sad, I might as well be Irish. If I'm mad, I'm all fire and yelling until I just run out of it, and when I'm sad, the whole world is falling apart.

I'm passionate, and that's the thing. It's not selective. Disastrous or otherwise.

I say all of that to say I'm kind of a mess-maker. If I go somewhere or do something, chances are something crazy will happen. Like with voting Tuesday. Now, I'd never voted before (although I think I could have locally last year, but I mean for the presidency) and I was pumped. Grabbed my friend Scott, drove him to his district and then we headed toward mine. At this point, it was about 5:30 and polls were open until 7:30. We had two hours. We were fine.

Now let me say one more thing. The church where I was voting at is called - we'll just say - Praise Be To God The Highest Presbyterian. Located at 4501 Wrongsville Ave. We pulled up to the intersection (4500), turned left toward the higher numbers, and pulled into the church on the corner. Which was dead. And locked. And actually called Praise Be to God The Highest Baptist. Two totally different churches we're talking about. Soooo. We circled the block about ten times looking for the church we were suppose to be at, the one that was supposed to be on the corner where the imposter Baptist church was (the church that, by the way, was at 4700). And we did find a Wesleyan church, but not the Presbyterian one.

So we drove home, since Scott didn't have a handy iPhone so we could google the thing, googled it at home, and we were right! The address was correct! Well, after driving all the way back out there (it was about ten til seven at this point), we found the place on the other side of the intersection, more on the intersecting road than the addressed road. Well, forty minutes. At least we'd found the place, finally.

And then it got worse. But to be fair, it was my fault. I wasn't on the list to vote. Apparently you have to change your address when you move, and being the first time voter, I did not know that. So I sat with a lady who had been doing this very thing since around six that morning and whose patience was running very thin. And we about couldn't find me in the system. But finally they did, and I voted, and I am very happy about that.

Plus, the sticker was really neat =)


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