Wednesday, April 2, 2008

kissing boys is bad for your health

First, I really like kissing. I'm just gonna say. Along with other relationship activities like cuddling and talking for forever (admittedly, those are the more girly ones), kissing is pretty much my favorite thing to do. I've got all kinds of stories, but an especially ridiculous one is from this past August when the campus doctors were kind enough to tell me that I had mono (of course). Well, my then-boyfriend had zero secondary immune system (i.e. he very easily became my sickly boyfriend) so we had to the make the big decision. No kissing. How long, doctor? Well, mono carriers can spread it for up to one year.


Ahahahah, yeah ok. That's gonna happen.

Well, we tried valiantly. I think we made it three days, but mostly that was because of his all-consuming fear of death. I'm pretty intense.

Now, I'm kind of changing topic, but stay with me. There's a point to this.

I've always been really lucky in that I've almost always had really clear skin. I had a few pimples on my chin in high school before I started running cross country, but almost as soon as I did, they disappeared. I never got them regularly or noticeably at all until my freshman year in college. And I couldn't figure it out to save my life. I wasn't running anymore, so maybe my skin wasn't being flushed out? I'd never had a special face wash, so maybe I suddenly needed one? I'd always been small and a couple of years behind on all those wonderful things like boobs and the like, so maybe I'd just had a late start on pimples? Okay, let me just say that pimples is a really nasty word and I don't like saying it or typing it or thinking because it grosses me out, so from now on we're going to call them twinkledaisies.

Anyway, another thing I figured it might be was all the sundrop. When I stopped running, I stopped drinking only water. This was a defining moment in my addiction, but more about that later. The point is, bump that. I wasn't giving up sundrop, but I did try for a bit, and it didn't really seem to help. I had no idea what was causing it.

Well, now I know. Looking back, there are plenty of indicators, but I don't really care because my skin is now clear and wonderful (not so much as before, but hey, I'll admit it was worth it).

In December, I broke up with my boyfriend. Since then, I haven't really done anything better diet-wise. In fact, I drink twice as much sundrop as before. You know what they say. Drowning your sorrows, right? Okay, I promise I'm kidding, but there's one other thing I've stopped doing cold turkey since December:

Kissing my (ex) boyfriend.

He had a rough five o'clock shadow. My skin took it pretty hard, got the blunt of it. And broke out. So fourteen months of not so nice skin, and four months later I finally realize it. He infected me! I'm allergic to kissing my ex-boyfriend! And who'd have guessed?

So here's my thought. Guys and Girls: let's practice safe kissing. Girls: insist on it, and if your guy complains, if he promises you won't break out, if he says he loves you and please oh please, don't do it! Guys: your girl is always right, and you better remember the consequences that can happen because of unprotected kissing, and you know, there's always that part where she can just hold out on you. 'K? Thanks.


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