Friday, April 25, 2008

get some deo- for that BO

I'm eating Frosted Mini Wheats, and they're amazing. Hodges, I'm sorry if you can hear me chewing (even though I promise my mouth is closed, you just have a crazy keen sense of hearing when it comes to that and there's nothing I can do!).

And speaking of Hodges: deodorant.

I don't mean she's stinky (that would be our other roommate). I mean we both have this crazy obsession with deodorant. She's a bit more extreme than I am and puts it on - not kidding - usually about three or four times a day. But if I forget to put it on, I panic.

Case in point:

My freshman year, for whatever reason, I started putting on a lot more deodorant than I usually did (not more frequently, just more per application). And sometimes it would get on my shirt because really, deodorant just sucks like that and I guess I'm just bad at putting shirts on and my armpits just jump out all over the place or something because I don't even know. Well, I remember this fabulous morning sometime last almost spring, sometime around March but the cold was letting up enough to where I was just wearing a light jacket. And as we were walking to get breakfast, one of my friends pointed out to me that I'd done a great job that morning, I hadn't gotten any deodorant on my shirt.

Stop dead. Sort of hesitate a foot backward, pivot in place. Panic for a second. The word here would be torn. Then grimace. Begin walking again.

Well, I made it to the food, hugged my then-boyfriend, then walked as quickly as I could (without running or causing myself to sweat) back to my dorm to put it on before breakfast. Because I couldn't possibly eat breakfast in an air conditioned building without deodorant.

Hodges (my roommate) has deodorant stored in her car (which I don't understand because wouldn't it melt? Does deodorant melt?). She has it in her bookbag. She has it in her bedroom, our bathroom, and if she had a locker, it would be in there too. And if they had pocket deodorant or disposable deodorant wipes, she would walk around with them in her pockets. And you know, she always smells nice.

But see, we both have this irrational (so they say) fear that suddenly we might get stinky. Which sometimes happens to me when my deodorant doesn't work or after I run (but I mean two and a half years past tense) six miles during cross country practice. Or if you're Hodges, you're afraid you're going to roll over in the middle of the night and put your nose in your armpit or someone else might and it will be stinky. Actually, when she was chilling on my bed the other night, she told me she put lotion under her arms (instead of deodorant? Not sure why) so they would smell nice.

The cool thing about deodorant is this: when I was little, I thought it was funny that deo- rhymed with BO.


Anonymous said...

So first of all I'm not as bad as Sara says i am, for all you people reading this! i defenetly DONT have four things of deodorate... maybe 2 but not four! At least I smell good through out the day.
Thank you very much!

amanda said...

wow lol..I'm not alone then. Although.. I might be a little more obsessed...I put it on about 4 or 5 times a day.

amanda said...

and the reason i put i on that many times a day is cuz when I was in 7th grade I didn't wear deodorant, and my teacher pulled me aside during class and everyone knew it was so she could talk to me about personal was really embarrassing lol