Monday, April 14, 2008


My friends, it has been four days, and I have fallen off of the face of the planet. Four days is an eternity. If I were Jesus, I would have already died and came back to life. But I too will return! When I do, I have these fabulous things to write about:

1. How much I love deodorant.
2. How weird my coworker is, and how he harrassed all the ''older'' customers (above thirty-five) by asking them for their age-old words of wisdom.
3. The messed up wisdom some people gave him.
4. This one will come a few days later, but I might be reading an excerpt of a story I wrote at a club downtown, and it might be disastrous. Or wonderful. We'll see.

Until next time, which should be very soon,


***At the behest of one of my roommates, let me just clarify that I'm not comparing myself to Jesus. Unless we're talking about my wooly hair.


moaniecracker said...

Well come back. I enjoy reading these posts! They are very entertaining.

sarawr said...

ty =) if it means anything, i get a kick out of writing them. i get to be pretty dang obnoxious and when i'm really lucky i get to be passive aggressive in that way only writers are. and then i get to have wonderful comment conversations full of (other people's) wit and stuffs. sooo, hopefully, for my own sanity, there won't be MIA gaps very often.