Sunday, April 20, 2008

this is my life

In ten years, this will make me exceedingly happy. Now? Well, sad face.

One of my favorite parts of Sam's Club is walking around and getting the free samples, and it's something I always do when I go. I got there a little late for the samples today, but there were a few out. And they had one where you could try Jones Soda! Well, I went to stand in line to try the wonderfully colored green apple kind, and as the guy started to pour the drink for the lady in front of me, he asks:

"How old are you, miss?"

Hesitate. "I'm nineteen," I say.

Beat. The sound of green apple filling in a paper cup. The lady looks over at me with one of those knowing smiles.

"Is there an age requirement or something?"

Without missing a beat, he says: "Yes, you have to be at least twelve to sample without an accompanying adult. Food allergies, you know. We need consent."

Sometime in between reaching for the soda sample - which was delicious, might I add - and glaring at the woman snickering beside me and then shuffling away, I sort of mumbled, "I'm much older than twelve..."

Thank you very much, I looked much older than twelve last night! And the night before that in the club. Maybe when I'm making squinch-nosed faces and sticking my tongue out at people I look twelve, but I reserve that only for cute boys and my two roommates and Nicole. Not for old men at Sam's. Says the nineteen-year-old.


p.s. I get this really panicky, looming feeling when it's been more than two days and neither of us have posted and something in the back of my mind is just insistent, insisting insisting yelling post post post! Which it was doing when I woke up this morning. So yes, miss Nicole, I am quite excited about your posting frequency =) Note to other blogger: POST POST POST!


nicolioliolio said...

i hear ya sista! i always complain to my mom that i don't look like all the other almost 20 year old girls i see around on campus and such, and she says it's cause i'll always have a baby face, but i'll be glad about it in 20 years when i'm her age (almost 40) and still getting mistaken for 25. however, in the interim, it royally and entirely sucks when people will assume you are barely in high school and yet won't give you child priced tickets at the movies. crime , i tell you! CRIME!!

sarawr said...

now that i know that all your guy friends had crushes on your mom, i'm not sure how i feel about this -_-