Friday, April 18, 2008

drunk people are entertaining

I'm pretty sure the grammatically correct title would read: "drunken people are entertaining." But I just don't like the way that sounds, and honestly - here's for Sarah Andrew - well, I don't know. Insert a typographical shrug or something.

Disclaimer: the problem with writing about things that are entertaining to me is that they really don't come across very funny to you. But press on! dear readers, press on.

So first, I love the fact that as I'm typing this, both of my hands are stamped and Xed and drawn on and pretty much there's a very long map tracing the road until I'm twenty one from both sets of knuckes to both wrists. And when I wake up, that map is going to be on one of my cheeks and my forehead. It's going to be great.

So then clearly I had nothing to drink. Which made all the other people who were drunk that much more amusing to me.

For instance, I was kissed three times by a boy I kind of know in the three hours I was in the club. Once on the ear/cheek, I'm not sure why. And the other two.. well, he sat down on one of my feet so I started shouting about how he was on my foot, so he proceeded to grab the other one - the one that wasn't underneath him - and kiss the top of it. By that, I mean he lifted my foot off the floor and into the air to kiss it, and I was wearing a dress thing but I suppose he wasn't really aware of that. (I had leggings on, so it was okay.) My foot was still underneath him at that point, and when he finally realized it, he pulled it out, kissed that one, and set it down on the ground triumphantly. Exclamation point. Can't wait to see him in class.

Second drunk person of the night worth mentioning: well, she didn't really do anything funny, she just sort of wobbled up to me and hugged me - I don't really know her all that well, which is fine, it's the South, we hug everybody, but for some reason it was out of character for her to be hugging specifically me. But she kind of looks like a grandma, which is the absolute most wonderful thing in the world. Imagine your sweet grandma teetering up to you, and you just want to put your hands on her shoulders to keep her from wobbling over. Really big cute points. And then she wobbled off. A lot of wobbling with her.

Third drunk person: actually, she was not entertaining. What would have been entertaining would be if she'd crashed off the stage in her enebriated, narcissistic skankiness. Or stared into her glass of whatever she was drinking and quiped her badly written love poems to the reflection of herself until she wasted away. I would have liked that. What I didn't like was bad liquor breath and look-at-me, look-at-me. She said it twice because she was trying to be Echo as well as Narcissus - a one person act, and I mean that exactly how you think it might mean.

Anyway, great night, talked to some cool people, met some cool people, skipped down the streets, heard good writing, and really had a nice time. And yay for the magazine!


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