Friday, April 18, 2008

can you feel it?

have you been outside yet today? because unless you have been sleeping in your closet, it is impossible for you to have not at least looked out your window and seen how absolutely gorgeous and amazing it is! these are the fabulous, wonderful, beautiful, picturesque, almost-like-those-california days i was dreaming of and knew wilmington weather was hiding somewhere! (not to mention, it's my half birthday, which i openly self-centeredly relish and celebrate, so today is even better if you can believe that!)

it's friday, which means hardly anyone on campus has class [
this is not a problem for me given that i never have class on friday and therefore have perpetual 3 day weekends (which is unparalleled in its sheer gloriousness)], or even if they do, they are SO not there and have been at the beach since the sun came up this morning. wilmingtonians who were smart enough to check the weather for this weekend had already requested the day off and those who weren't as bright, well, let's just say they were feeling suspiciously under the weather today... essentially, going to class is pointless, working is useless, and the only thing you should be doing is soaking up some sun!

it's days like this that remind me how much i love wilmington. from downtown to wrightsville, i wish i could have 12 of me to be in every part of it, because there just doesn't seem to be enough hours of sunlight to enjoy all it has to offer. good thing these bright and sunny days usually come with friends! :-)

there is no such thing as waking up on the wrong side of the bed on a day like today. you can't help but be in a good mood, and you'll find that everyone else around you also seems to have a little more bounce in their step. people are even nicer, too, which you might not have thought was southernly possible! the world really comes alive and has this incredible way of making things seem a lot less scary and troublesome or overwhelming--it's like you could handle anything. the world is fill of hope.

do you know why that is? well, it goes back to the title. you may be asking yourself, "what does it mean?" and of course it means... SUMMER!!! it's in the air, people! don't you see it and smell it all around you? wafting from the shore and emanating from the cheery glow of people you pass on the riverwalk? summer is rightly synonymous with sun, fun, lazy days, watermelon, vacation, swimming, and ice cream. but most importantly, summer represents freedom: freedom to do everything and anything, or nothing! summer = possibility.

it may be the middle of april, but summer is most definitely on the way, people!
after this, i'm off for a walk in the park, or drive downtown, or anything that doesn't involve me blocked from those UV rays! you should get out there, too! what are you doing sitting here reading this?! go enjoy life! (especially before one of those previously posted about rainy days returns! but shh! we don't want to jinx anything!) before you dart out towel and sunscreen in hand, i have just one question for you. while you're playing volleyball or window shopping on front street, i want you to stop, look around, and ask yourself..., can you feel it?


sarawr said...

when i read the title i keep thinking of 'cannn you feeeel the loooove toniight?'

also, today's weather was indeed lovely, but not as lovely as our wonderful sara nicole date =) had a wonderful time!

nicolioliolio said...

well nothing is ever as lovely as our sara nicole dates!! <3