Saturday, April 5, 2008

nawth cahlana and all the other things you need in your life

Right this very minute, Nicole is back home in Jersey and Ned is partying it up in New York City. And I'm here in North Carolina, enjoying the fabulous, rainy weather. But I've got to say, I think down here south of the Mason-Dixon line, I'm pretty content. That said, I want to travel all over the world and live all over the world and basically be as many places I've never been as I can, and I don't think I want to always live here, but here is certainly home. Now, I've been to both Jersey and New York, but only that tiny post nuclear fallout part of Newark and basically just the island of Manhattan (although we were breifly in Brooklyn, and I'm pretty sure the dirt from the streets there nearly got my eye infected). So I really don't have any idea of what the states are actually like. But here's to why North Carolina - Nawth Cahlana, if you're from here - is far superior.

As Nicole and I have already said, the weather. Actually, we've got just about any weather you'd want except for desert weather, and you don't want that. If you like snow and freezing frigid polar environments, we've got mountains, and you can ski in them. We can claim the highest peak in the Appalachians too, I think. If you like rolling hills and leaves that come alive with fire and fall, we've got the Piedmont. It even comes with a fancy French word for all the cultural among you. I guess that's not a type of weather, but it gets wonderfully crisp and perfect in fall, and the Piedmont (middle part of the state, it translates as foot of the mountain) is the best place for that. If you like the sun, if you like the ocean, if you like lightnings storms and rain on your roof - we've got all of it. Actually, sort of an extension of the lightning, I'll tell you my favorite part of the weather. Hurricanes! I love them! If you're in school, you get out. You get out if you have a job, too, unless you're a cop or anything like that. Hurricane parties particularly are a favorite. But I'll tell you the best part of hurricanes. When the power goes out, and you get to sit in your living room in the dark with candles lit all around. Some really nice things happen in candlelight. Of course, I'm no fan of death and flooding and trees nearly crushing people (I have a story about that), but if you're one of those people who likes to live extreme, jump out of planes, that kind of thing, maybe here's where you need to be. And it's all so variable. Here, we have seasons.

But I'm beating a dead horse here.

Another thing we've got: accents. And home-made liquor, if that's what you like. And a lot of pine trees, though South Carolina's got us beat there, I guess. But yeah, our accents are pretty much the greatest thing ever. Ask any guy who's ever loved a southern girl. And we're just plain nice.

Crap. I'm still beating the dead horse. Or is it dog? Beating your dog? Oh, I don't know.

One time, my grandparents' dog dug up a femur (that's human for upper leg bone!) in their front yard. I think I was seven or so. Not sure what ever happened to the dog. Hahaa, but I bet I could guess.

Anyway, I don't really have anything to say tonight. I watched The Kite Runner again (I gave in and bought it), and I'm still quite smitten with Khalid Abdalla, who is not only Egyptian but grew up in Scotland. Or London, I've read both. I think it's London. And he's only eight years older than me, who'd have thought?

How about this. The original title for the post about the libary was this: "on the current populace of randall library. thanks, friends. oh wait, we don't like the french." It made me laugh a whole lot at myself, made me think I was quite clever. In fact, I'm still pretty fond of it. BUT my dad's last name is French and really I like listening to people speak in French (or Russian or Spanish or, if you're name is Khalid Abdalla, Farsi...) and I met some really cool French guys in Florida and then in New York over break, so I couldn't really do that to them.

I'm sitting here thinking how to end this post but my roommate and her boyfriend are being icky on the couch beside me so all I can think is stop, stop, stop.


Sean said...

Fart really loudly. They'll go away.

sarawr said...

that defines my roommate, so maybe if it were me on the couch instead of her... otherwise if i did that she'd do one louder (without interrupting herself). eww.

nicolioliolio said...

aw, you put jersey, not new jersey! how cute.

nicolioliolio said...

p.s. LOVE the closing..hahaha <3