Friday, April 4, 2008

stolen ipod

hey guys, this is probably entirely hopeless, and also a bit self-serving as i don't wish this blog to be, but my ipod has been taken. now, i'm sure you're thinking, "how do you know you didn't just lose it?" well, it hasn't left my room since i last used it a month ago over spring break, and not only that, but the entire box it came in that i keep it in is missing along with it, so it's not as if i just dropped the ipod somewhere. everything is gone. there is of course the off chance it is misplaced somewhere in my room, but i always kept it in the same spot, and did thoroughly check my room twice of all cracks, crevices, and secret hiding spots where i might have one day put it in forethought of this such event some day occuring.

it's an 80G new classic, silver, and says "Nicole's ipod 10.18" on the back. the serial # is 8L749JXTY5N.

while i'm aware of the small circle of people who must have taken it (and it saddens/angers me to think of the all the unbelievable crap i have had to go through in my current living situation as it is prior to this that now on top of it all my ipod has been stolen from my room), i am certainly not putting it on here because i think any of you are the culprits or involved, but rather because i am hoping against the odds that maybe one of you comes across or spots someone with it in a class or eating in wag or sitting on a bench on the commons. or, for you more unscrupulous characters, at one of the many pawn shops around our dear wilmington.

also, i read that since Apple is a bunch of non-caring assholes who once they get your money don't give a shit what happens to your ipod though they most certainly in this modern age have some means of locating it for you but simply choose not to (i'm allowed to be a bit melodramatic when $250 and my sense of security for my things in my own apartment is gone, thank you very much), the best and likely only way of tracking this thing is to post the serial number online and hope whoever receives it suspects its shady origins and looks up the number in a search engine where if it comes up, it's obviously someone else's! in this case, namely mine, and they will be referenced to this very blog post where there will be little doubt to the contrary.

so, i am asking all of you good samaritans to keep an eye out, though i am quite aware that i have a better chance of never seeing it again than seeing it again, but i appreciate the effort all the same. thank you.


Amanda said...

If you ever manage to get it back, I think Apple can put in a tracking device for you. Not sure though..I could be wrong.

Anonymous said...

Try e-mailing Apple's iPod customer service. Sometimes, if someone has used it since they stole it from you, they can take the serial number from your iPod and track it based on the IP address of the computer it was last used at. It doesn't always work though, but maybe?