Friday, April 25, 2008

this is the wonder that's keeping the stars apart

[disclaimer: the title may or may not have anything to do with this post, it's just a really beautiful line that needed to be put somewhere--thank you e.e. cummings]

the end of the semester is in sight, people! *jumps for joy*

which explains the severe gaps in time of posting as of recent as final assignments, tests, papers, and workshops are notoriously stuffed into this last week of classes leaving all of us poor procrastinating students scrambling to get everything done with time left to check our e-mail compulsively, write on all our friends' facebook walls about how we can't wait to see them this summer making indefinite plans to "hang out soon!", procrastinate some more, and then oh yeah, breathe.

monday is the official last day of classes, but let's be real, classes were "over" a week ago. how many of you have actually still been paying attention in intro to chemistry or history of indonesia? that is, if you were even in class given that recent gorgeous weather that i'm sure had most of you practically living on the beach the past week or two.

and then, and it must be said, that dreaded f-word comes along not too long after... FINALS. *dun! dun! dun!* but let's not even get into that. we have 5 whole days including a weekend before we even have to worry about cracking our books again (or perhaps for the first time all semester) to study.

so, enjoy this brief interim when you're hanging with friends, having those first BBQs of the summer, lounging at the beach, and realizing even more how much you love college, because it won't be long before that F-ing week (F-ing.. Finals... get it?!) kicks in and you remember just how much you can hate it!

happy not-studying!

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