Wednesday, April 30, 2008

in a week: getting hit on, hit in the head, and continent hopping

These last few days have been absolutely crazy. And by that, I don't mean it's exam time and I'm ready to push my head through something solid, because, while that's true, death class is over and I've already received a head injury this week. In order of whichever I think of first--

1. Well, I was just walking home after my death class exam (and really, the thought of never going to that class again makes me want to dance) talking on the phone with my mom and pretty giddy about being finished with that class, so I was completely distracted. You guys should know that my neighborhood is a little bit ghetto. Which is okay with me, sometimes I'm a little bit ghetto. And plus, we've got culture, we can rock out the color. So anyway, real time, I'm walking into my neighborhood, not really paying attention, and some guy is about to pull out onto the main road when he says something to me. Can't understand him, don't think to keep walking.


He says it again. I still can't hear him, and at this point I become an idiot because he might be telling me I dropped something so I walk toward his car and say,

"I still can't hear you, what?"

He says, "How you doin'?"

Well I'm doing great. I just got out death class, duh. "I'm good, how are you?"

"Good. What's your name?"

"Sara - what's yours?"

"DJ. You got a boyfriend?" Uhh. I kind of shake my head and start backing up in the direction I'd been headed because FINALLY it realize what's going on. Bear in mind I was, again, distracted, and cannot be held accountable for this. Then he asks,

"You got a number?"

"I'm on it now--" my phone, because I was on the phone with my mother whole time "--can't use it." Backing up more quickly.

And then he says something that sounds like, "Well I'm gonna TEXT you," and drives off, but it could have been "GET you" or "SEX you" or "WRECK you." I don't even know.

2. All sorts of shenanigans at work last night, including a lesbian and a gay man talking about each other's ''titties'' and crazy-energetic frat boys doing all our work for us (but Nicole will tell you all about that, I'm sure). But really I have no idea how I remember that because I suffered a head injury. Which one of the frat boys said was because I'm clumsy and first - he doesn't know me, I might not be clumsy, and second - it was not my fault this time.

I was making hotdogs, because that's what I do at work sometimes. Bagging and bunning them. When one of the kitchen guys rolls past pushing one of those big metal shelf things with a bunch of pots and pans on it. And I don't know if he bumped something or what, but mid-bun, one the big pots falls from the top shelf and lands on the side of my head, right above my temple, and then bounces off to hit my elbow.

I was fine, no concussion or anything. I lucked out and it barely bruised, actually, but I had a nice knot on my head. A goose egg, as we say in the south. However, I will say that I was lucky, at least I didn't have a huge pan off steaming hot dog juice poured on my chest. Poor Nicole =(

3. This one's less hazardous, I suppose, but I guess you could say the opposite. I'm going to Colombia (no u in Colombia, friends, and no drug jokes either) in a little less than seven weeks. Which is crazy, because I've never flown on a plane ever, and the farthest away I've ever been is Kansas. And also, I speak very little Spanish.

But my roommate is half Colombian, and I'm taking an Intro to Spanish class for the four weeks preceding the trip. Her boyfriend and I are flying together, and he's never flown either. So before then we've got to go get a yellow fever shot. The thing is, we're all afraid her dad is going to hate her boyfriend (because that's what he does) and her dad bought my roommate's departure ticket on the wrong day, so we're going to be there for another day after she leaves. And who knows what could happen in a day.

But I'm excited. We'll be in Bogotá (the capitol), this tiny little town where it's hot all year round, and Santa Marta. And I'll come back with a tan, hopefully a good amount of Spanish, of course a wonderful experience, and if I'm very lucky, not yellow fever.


[correction: my roommate has informed me that I am an idiot, and that South America is in fact the SAME CONTINENT as North America, that the Panama Canal just doesn't count.]


nicolioliolio said...

crazy frat boys <3 :)

there will most def. be a post later on that. as soon as i'm not dying.

sarawr said...

see next post.