Sunday, March 30, 2008

california dreamin'

in accordance with sara's post about the suckiness of today (though my day was much less suck filled than hers), i decided to post about my desire to escape to warmer and sunnier climates (yet, wasn't that what i was doing coming to wilmington in the first place?) i suppose what i really should say to describe my current ideal location would be warmer, sunnier, and DRIER. if you are looking for near desert condition without actually going to a desert, wilmington, nc is not the place for you, though it's southern location may lead to this incorrect conclusion.

don't get me wrong, it is a beautiful and historic place that i absolutely love and part of my heart will always belong to, but as far as the weather goes... well, it can keep it. we do have our nice days, some that are in fact so nice it allows you to forget about the other 360 days of the year when gray, overcast skies replace those gorgeous, clear blue ones. those aforementioned gray days are, however, rarely far behind. today being just such one of those.

it's been raining since last night, and according to, will be doing so off and on throughout the rest of the week. miraculously enough, not on thursday when i will be flying home to jersey for the weekend, but don't count your chickens before they've hatched if any of you are also flying out that day because if nicole is headed to the airport, you count on an unexpected and brutal storm of some kind or another...hurricane, blizzard, noreaster... you name it and if i have plans to fly, it will undoubtedly be there, too. (but that is all another story and will make a rather fabulous blog some other time, most likely after my airport excursions this weekend)

thanks to geography 130, i can tell you that wilmington is in a humid sub-tropical climate region, which for you lay folk means lots of rain and hot sticky days where you can't breathe and your clothes stick to you. (but if you spent any decent amount of time here, i didn't really have to tell you that, did i? that's for all the non-wilmingtonians) well, my friends, i am dreaming of a meditteranean climate. and while i do plan on going to italy and greece at some point in my life, the meditteranean climate i speak of is a little closer to home, and still on this continent. that would be my dear and highly beloved, california.

admittedly, i have never been there, but that does not take away from my love of it or claim of it as my own and one true state. our very own nedicus is from said dreamland, though from the northern part, which is of little use to me for this post, but still, how nice for him all the same. the california i talk about is one most associate with the golden state, the greater los angeles area. hollywood, beverly hills, santa monica, studio city...oh, how i love thee, let me count the ways. *sigh* ok, anyway, sorry, got caught up there for a minute. the point is that there lies the nearly always warm, sunny, and dry climate that i so long for. they don't say "it's always sunny in california" for nothin'!

yes, it's nearly april, and so comes the april showers children sing about in their rhymes about may flowers, but honestly! all this rain and we're supposedly in a drought! whoever heard of such a thing?! it's as if the surplus amount of rain usually received has become so commonplace that when a normal amount comes everyone thinks there isn't enough! i promise you the plants and animals are getting along just fine. have any of us had to go for days without showers or ration our drinking? nope. so, please,
everyone stop doing your rain dances!

i greatly admire the words of another childhood rhyme, "rain, rain, go away. come again another day." yes, rain, we are asking you to go away, but don't take it personally! we do also tell you to come to wilmington another day! and you know what day that is? the day i'm in california! see you when i come back and visit! ;-D

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sarawr said...

haha, your clothes stick to you? that's why you should take them off! no pants! and yes, i'm quite sick of rain myself. i think the kind of weather i'd like best now would be heading down to the beach and watching the heat lightning over the ocean. but maybe we could do that in california too? =)