Sunday, March 23, 2008

rudeness is next to devilness

"you catch more flies with honey than vinegar."

there's a reason adages likes this transcend time. they are inherently true, and the universal truths of mankind are forever. sure, maybe cavemen (that's for you, sarawr) weren't aware that if they were nice to their neighbor in the next cave, that neighbor was more likely to give them any extra bones or mammoth meat they may have laying around, as opposed to if they grunted and demanded some communal sharing, but we can cut them some slack. however, i'd like to think humans have learned a thing or two along the way since then. though, perhaps being rude is just genetically encoded into some's DNA from their less mannered ancestors.

so, why is it that this idea of one good deed deserves another is lost on people of today? and not only that, but regarding the stupidest and most trivial things? most notably for instance, in my experience, the lack of a particular food item they wish to consume is in no uncertain terms apparently grounds to send you to the with their heads who dare not serve coffee in 55 degree weather or does not have an unending supply of popcorn! king henry viii's wives no doubt forgot to buy his cocoa puffs.

people are quicker to bite your head off for not having what they want than for thanking you should you in fact have it. what is up, people?! honestly, your mother never taught you manners? oh, well, then, how about a nice, little lesson in etiquette. when you ask for something, what do you say? "please." and when you get what you asked for, what do you say? "thank you." see? now was that so hard? i didn't think so, but obviously an uncanny portion of america has been raised by those cavemen i was talking about earlier.

is it really that difficult not to take an attitude the minute something doesn't go your way? or speak in a condescending tone at those who are humbly serving you, ESPECIALLY, if and just because they don't have a hot dog for you after the 5th inning of the baseball game? and if it is in fact so hard to control your inner caveman, then i suggest you bring some snacks from home before approaching the concessions stand with some righteous idea of what you are entitled to as a customer, or i might just have to tell you where you can find that hot dog you're looking for.

have a nice day! :-)

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sarawr said...

haha, yes, i know! especially when they say 'give me a coke and a--' you reach for the coke '--no wait, a sundrop--' put the coke back, grab a sundrop '--naw, i think i do want coke--' the corner of your mouth twitches at this point, but you are getting paid and at least drinks are free for you, but then you set the coke on the counter and 'i said sundrop.' death stare, and then following their caveman look the say 'ice? ice?' as if they asked you twelve times and you suddenly became deaf or just plain out to get them, since anyone under the age of twenty five in the food services industry is inherently out to be as rude as possible to any customer - who is always right, might i add - that happens to be asking, please, nicely, for a drink. i mean come on.