Friday, March 28, 2008

The Kite Runner

Okay, so I know you all probably hate when people talk about movies you haven't seen or books you haven't read. But I'm going to do that.

All right, PLUG:

The Kite Runner is an incredible book. I really like reading, but it's not often I put a book down and am in awe. A lot of times my reaction is pretty average, I'll say it's a
good book, I liked it. Maybe I'll buy it, if it's good enough I may reread it. But when I put down The Kite Runner, I was floored. It wasn't because it was about Afghanistan or the country's struggles, nothing political, nor was it because I thought Khaled Hosseini was really great in portraying the side of his country we don't see. Those things were also great, of course. But let me tell you. This book was just incredible writing. And such a strong, heartbreaking, driving novel. And I haven't read a book written as well since I read it in October, and certainly not for several years before. So you should read it. =)

That said, I went and saw the movie several hours ago. I've been dying to see it since it came out in December, but about every single thing that could keep me from seeing it happened, so four months later, here we are. Things I liked about the movie: stuck pretty closely to the book, a lot of the movie (though not all, probably about
half) was in Dari (which, I've now read, is the Persian language spoken in Afghanistan and is the same as Farsi - hope that's right), and really it was moving. I nearly cried about seventeen times in the theatre. And I'm a little bit in love with Khalid Abdalla now. So you should go see it after you read the book. ;)

So, work tomorrow with crazy hot dog mongers. And I'm seeing Scream for the first time. I'm sure there'll be plenty to post. Until then, you should go look at pictures of Khalid Abdalla. Like this one.


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