Monday, March 24, 2008

addendum to the pantsless-ness

Skirts are acceptable for three reasons:

1. Really, there's nothing around your legs. They're still naked, it's just sneakier, undercover nakedness.

2. If it came down to it, you could just lift the skirt over your head. None of the hassle of unbuttoning or wriggling it down your legs. It's always better if your clothing allows for quick escape, and therefore the skirt is championed best choice overall if clothing is obligatory.

3. They're twirly. And they're spinny. And they allow for things like that famous Marilyn Monroe picture.

Questions? Good. Skirts are cool, so wear them. And that includes you, Ned.


Alicia said...

Sara dear... I wear skirts more than anyone I know... Love you should wear them more often. Even when it is cold you can wear long johns under them and they are warmer than pants... Nathan you can wear a kilt... But PLEASE wear boxers ;)

sarawr said...

wearing long johns underneath completely defeats the purpose! and as far as kilts go, mel gibson had the right idea, i think =)