Wednesday, January 14, 2009

so it's beautiful and frozen outside, and i haven't felt my feet in days

I just got finished reading Tim O'Brien's "How To Tell A True War Story" and right now all I want to ever read or write or have to do with words are the kinds like his. Just reading that, that's a miracle. I don't even know how to respond to it.

Except now I'm going to write a crass, pointless blog that might make a few people laugh or might just make me feel kind of stupid writing it. And I'm just a little bummed because after reading stuff like that, everything else just seems less, I don't know. Meaningful is cliche. And kind of like the story says, there is no moral. I don't know--these are just thoughts. Go read the story and get ready to be floored.

So as far as today, my friends, it was dang cold. And my cold I mean probably the lowest I experienced was about thirty (fahrenheit, of course). But to be fair, that is polar here. This is the south. It's meant to be warm, especially when the sun is out.

Now this morning I had an eight a.m. class, so I was outside at about 740 or so walking to campus and that was fine because I was bundled up in my scarf and mittens (something I rarely do). And then at 850 I turned around and walked back home so I could drive to work. And I was walking through my parking lot when I blinked and my eyes started watering a little bit and all of a sudden, my eyes fogged up. Not even kidding. They FOGGED UP for a few seconds, everything was like when you breathe out air except it was definitely the moisture in my eyes.

Well then I get in my car (TENSE SHIFT) and everything is iced over. The car actually starts without stalling out a couple of times, which is nice, but as I'm sitting there defrosting it, I decide to roll down the windows to see if any of the ice will scrape off.


The windows won't roll down! They're frozen shut!! So I drive to work and eventually I can get them down. But then four hours go by and it's a little after one and I come home. Now, it's important to note that we don't use the heat in our apartment. And that I'd been complaining all morning about being cold in the office because the thermostat was stuck at 69. And when I got to our apartment, ours was 61, which is actually a good deal warmer than it normally is when we're home, which tends to be night-time.

So I go over to the stove and turn on one of the eyes and warm up over that.

Also, in case you were wondering, the upside down bag of Marshmallow Mateys was my roommate's attempt to warm the apartment up some. She decided to cut the eye of the stove on too, only she turned the wrong one on. And lit the bag of cereal sitting on top of it on fire. Close up:

And I think that speaks enough for the conditions here =)

cheers, guys.

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nicolioliolio said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA marshmallows in the burner = classic. i'm proud. that's definitely something i would do.