Thursday, January 15, 2009

hello 2009!

ok, admittedly, i'm a little bit late. 2 weeks late, actually, but who's counting? we're back everyone! aren't you excited? i'm excited. life just feels a little bit less meaningful when there is no blogging going on.

classes have started and as usual i've already changed my schedule around more times than a book of tickets will get you trips on the merry-go-round at six flags. and that's A LOT. i've finally settled it, besides the fact that add/drop is now over so i kind of have no choice, but i think it's going to be a decent semester. hopefully much easier, smoother sailing than the last one.

speaking of, big things planned this year, kids! in less than 2 months i'm off on my first out of the country excursion (sara has been ridiculously beating me in this arena :-P) to ROMA! ITALY! it's for a class so i'm even getting one credit for it. isn't that fabulous? i think so. then, 2 months after that i'm off on a back-to-back adventure to the BAHAMAS and road trip across the country to CALI. so pretty much between march and may i'm gonna be all over the place, traveling like 15,000 miles or something. crazy! aka AWESOME.

2009 also happens to be the year of my 21st birth, as well as sara's, and that is obviously an important milestone, albeit one that might end up not being entirely remembered, but still a milestone nonetheless. AND as if that weren't all enough, i will be GRADUATING COLLEGE this december. that's less than 12 months. like 330 days or something. now THAT is insane. i can't believe it's already that time. i feel like we were just lowly, little freshmen right out of high school, and now, here we are, on the cusp of the rest of our lives, whatever that means.

know what i'm saying? how people, usually in commencement speeches, talk about graduating as the start of the rest of our lives? as if we haven't been living our lives already these past 21 years. nope, apparently it all starts now. what "rest of our lives" really means is "real responsibility." better known as no more partying, procrastinating, or pretending we aren't adults. but i'll save all that scary "here comes the real world" stuff for later in the year. i am planning on attending graduate school, so even then it really won't be the full thing until it comes time to graduate from that. but you get the idea.

ok, i feel like i've been rambling about nothiing and everything for far too long now. it has been a while though, and you deserved a full post/life update. i need to go do some homework now. did i mention how excited i was classes started? yeah. hear the dripping sarcasm... SO excited.

have a happy new year!!

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sarawr said...

okay, first, cusp is probably the greatest word i've heard anyone use this week. just amazing.

second, wow, i didn't realize how much it was until i read all that, and oh man. that is crazy incredible and i'm so excited for you =)!!!!!