Sunday, August 10, 2008

you're the light that makes my darkness disappear

well, kids... here it is. i am proud to write the first substantial, significant post in, well... a really long time. who's excited?! i know i am!

do you see that date? it's august! august, for crying out loud! where has the summer gone? i feel like it was just yesterday classes were ending and everyone was going off doing their own things, and now here we are, all coming back together and classes are just around the corner... in a little over a week! it's madness!

how i spent my summer vacation: working nearly 40 hours a week, somehow ending up at the movie theater even when i wasn't working those almost 40 hours a week because there were LOTS of movies i needed to see that include going to
the dark knight midnight showing (my first midnight showing ever) and in IMAX (which was AWESOME by the way), watching america's got talent/secret lives of women with melinda (and sometimes cait), playing in the middle of the street in the pouring rain with cait, getting my first massage/facial ever, panera/maggie moo's dates with lizzie, going to my last yankee games at the old stadium, and topping it all off with my very first concert EVER: THE JONAS BROTHERS @ MADISON SQUARE GARDEN!!!

now, let me comment on that last point there. the concert is tomorrow night. in less than 24 hours i will be screaming at the top of my lungs and singing along for every song because i of course know all the words with over 15,000 other jobros fans, most who will, admittedly, be younger than me, but do i care? not one bit! i am going to buy a ridiculous over-priced tour t-shirt and take pictures that will probably be indiscernible to anyone but me as our seats are in the 400s... but it is all good. i'm so ridiculously excited it doesn't even matter. i am going to be in the same room with the jonas brothers (specifically joe<3) and that is all that counts! ah! best day ever!!! come on... tell me you don't think they are adorable! [for those that don't know (shame!) from left to right: nick, kevin, joe] anyway, there will undoubtedly be a post in the near future where i will be ranting and raving on about just how fabulous it really was and better than i even expected, so look out for that.

overall, it's been a pretty nice summer. i wish it could go on longer, but as i've already said goodbyes to almost everyone, it's nice to be getting back to my NC loves that i've been away from for FAR too long and remind myself that oh, yeah, i'm a college student. not to mention a 3rd year college student. uh, when did that happen? i think i need to have a serious discussion with father time. remind me to do that.

so, since i'm leaving in 3 days i should probably start packing or something, right? i would do some tomorrow, but there's kind of no point since i know i'm just going to be tearing apart my closet looking for the perfect concert outfit, ya know, in case from 4 levels aaaallllll the way down joe notices me and tells me to meet him backstage after the show, even though it will inevitably end up just being jeans and a shirt, so any time i would spend trying to organize things would just be wasted. i'll just save myself the trouble and do everything the day before i leave. like that wasn't going to happen ANYWAY? haha

when i finally do get down to good old NC, my aunt and i will be beaching it and gallavanting around town for a week before classes start. going to arlie gardens, and orton plantation, and southport! i am super excited, and a little mad at myself that it's taken this long for me to get around to seeing everything. i feel like i haven't left s. college and market st. i'm finally getting out there! i'll be sure to update everyone on our adventures next week. thanks for sticking with us through the treacherous nearly blog-free summer. it's good to be back! :-)

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sarawr said...

haha, i thought you were going to be wearing a trenchcoat. with nothing underneath it. =)

and i agree, it's good to be back. i've got one in the works as we speak (if you remember the jeanie story).

can't wait to see you in less than a week, omg! =)