Monday, August 11, 2008

obligatory ''i'm alive'' post: ie /go world/

I promised. I've been promising for nearly two months now. I've had that very real thing called intention most of the time, but also that thing where you don't follow through and you just come out saying you'll do it and disappointing your kids and becoming a bad father or something. Since I've been watching first and second season ER episodes obsessively, everything reminds me of ER. And I remind myself of George Clooney right now. Can't commit to the blog, can't give it the quality time it needs, will go looking for ways to mess it up. Or something like that, I don't know, I'm rusty at this and I really just keep thinking about ER and I'm not sure why. But hey! Hey. First, a story. This is a true story, a very ironic story (but I WON'T SAY WHY), and the perfect description of my wonderful hybrid ghetto redneck neighborhood. (Seriously, I love where I live).

Was taking out the trash the other day. The only reason I do this as of late is so I can run into my Spanish speaking maintence dude, Jaime, who incidentally is amazing and also from Bogotá. However, on the way there, trying to look around all inconspicuously and walk slowly in case he comes out (the guy gives me fresh peaches sometimes and does many very cute things, so, really, this is justifiable), all of a sudden out of nowhere this girl about my age comes running out of her house like someone's chasing her with a knife or something. And then I hear Girl's momma or somebody hollerin' from behind her:


Not even kidding. Roughly, this was translated from "eeuhts state-chuh-torry ripe, jeanie, dawn't doooouht." Honestly, the southern english language is about impossible. Anyway, Girl throws herself into her car and tears out down the street, assumabely into her fourteen year old lover's arms, mexi-stach and cut-sleeve tank tops and all (to show off his muscles, of course).

And that, my friends, was the highlight of my week. And not in an oh my life there's nothing happening but ER and work, but in a that was incredible and doesn't actually happen in real life, only ever happens here in the slowed down southern world way. For this reason, Miss Nicole will be travelling back HOME within the week. We miss you!

So, this is my life now. Working, waiting for school to start. Everything seems sort of on hold right now, like I'm just waiting to get to the part where everything starts back up again. I'm not sure what it is, only that everything was holding while I was Colombia, too, but in a different way. I didn't post while I was there for the same reason I didn't take very many pictures. (In total, I took about seventy, while my roommate's boyfriend took over a thousand.) What I mean is that, one particularly cold night, Alicia's dad drove us all up to this point on the mountain you can see in the picture from her window, and we stood on the edge of the road and I just looked and looked at it. This whole lit-up thing. And all of a sudden (not for the first time), I didn't want to leave, I just wanted to watch the city, remember exactly the way it looked and felt up there and close my eyes and pretend it wouldn't end.

So, same thing. Although it makes less sense with writing, because generally that's how I remember things. But I just wanted to remember it and throw myself into Colombia like when you turn the music up so loud that there's only that and everything else is just afterward, and everything sounds different.

That said, I wrote a few things, but not Pants kind of blogs. But after all of that, when I first got back, I hated it. I wanted Colombia so much I just hated everything about being back and really was pretty drained from being around people constantly for a month and a half, so I just sort of turned into a bear and hibernated (ironic, since coming back to fatty, processed American food had its effect on me and I'm officially normal-sized person now, which is fairly unusual, having always been a bit undersized, and I'm still kind of adjusting to it). I'll say this: I've since reconciled with being in the States, lest anyone think I'm harboring anti-American tendencies. No worries--and besides, you should hear me go on (gush) about the Olympics. Very proud of our swimmers, currently.

But yes, so I don't know where I'm going with all this. Watching the Olympics as I type. Men's diving: United States: 5th; Colombia: 6th. I really love the Olympics, especially the summer ones. And really, part of the reason I love them so much is the same reason I'm so against globalization. I see all the countries, all the different cultures and how much people love their people and there's something to the identity in that. I'm doing a bad job of what I mean, but globalization sterilizes that. We can be one people without being the same people, and for that, while I understand the reasons other people wanted to, I'm glad we didn't boycott.

Anyway, haha, this is what happens when I don't blog for two months, I just go on all kinds of different tangents for five hours. But we're back now. We being me, since Nicole held down the fort all summer because she is AMAZING! And if you're reading, thanks for not forgetting about us. Be back soon.



moaniecracker said...

Well, Sara, I am glad you're alive!

nicolioliolio said...

lovely, my dear. glad you are back and i can't wait to be back...HOME, as you so nicely put it! <33