Tuesday, August 12, 2008

i am in love with the jonas brothers

soooooo...just got in from the concert and OH.MY.GOD. *insert shriek of screaming teenage girl fan*

it was AMAZING. i, like, don't even have words to being to describe how amazing and awesome and incredible and insane and wonderful it was. but, i guess those are a few good ones to give you an idea :-P i maxed out my over 100 picture memory card and all my almost 20 minute recording space. so, we were kinda up in the nosebleeds, what turned out to literally be the LAST row in the garden, but it was still so ridiculously FANTASTIC that i barely noticed. (except for maybe when joe was running around the stage reaching out and touching the hands of the girls right there on the floor...then i wasn't so happy to be that far away...but other than that!)

OH YEAH, AND.... that concert was being filmed for the 3D movie coming out next year of the tour. that's right! all across america in theaters everywhere will be the concert that i was sitting in! i can watch and see a certain part and say, "GUESS WHAT?! I WAS TOTALLY THERE. SAW IT IN PERSON. OWNED."

ok, maybe not QUITE like that..haha..but something to that effect. it is now 2:30am and i am STILL so freaking pumped and excited from being in the same room with joe jonas, the rest of the bros, and demi lovato that i don't foresee sleep anywhere in my near future, which is why i thought i would come on here and share that little bit with you. i'm gonna go and try to wind down or something. wish me luck!

p.s. everyone should go out today (of course at normal hours) and buy their new album!!! i know i am!!!

oh, and one last thing...clearly i'm still a 12 year old actually almost 20 year old. for instance, i bought a way overpriced $35 t-shirt with their faces on it and i
can't wait to wear it!!! like i care! whatevs. they are awesome and i love them and i am OBVIOUSLY not afraid to show it. but hey, that's just the way i roll! ;-)

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