Wednesday, August 20, 2008

drivers of the world...

This is a public service annoucement. The roads, from this moment on, will be a safer (or much more dangerous) place. I've just gotten a new phone, and it's got a keypad, which, ironically, means it's much harder for me to text now. And what that really means for me is this: no more texting and driving.

Actually I hardly ever did it. I could probably count on my hand the number of times I've actually done it, and mostly I tried to keep it at the stoplights, and since our city is mostly stoplights and stopped traffic, it stays fairly safe. But at least for now, until I get very, very used to my phone, all's safe.

Not really much to say, although you should go see Tropic Thunder, because it's amazing hilariousness. Having lived two years of my life with a black family, there's something really funny about white people who think they're black. Maybe it's because it's so ridiculous, and maybe it's because I know very well about the things they're imititating or whatever--sort of like those ''you know you're from wherever when" things--and of course it's a generality and of course it's exaggerated, but it's got some truth to it somewhere and it is just hilarious to me. And besides, I love my black family--and in my heart of hearts, I know how much cooler/more rhythmic they are than us (BY THE WAY I'm white) and I know I can't touch it, so (can't touch this, can't touch this, it's hammertime).

(insert: go Jamaican dude who just set the world record for the 200m. Dang he's fast.)

But nuff about race stuff. 'Cause please see my post about the Olympics, and apply here, and understand that I think it's silly to be colorblind, that we can be one people and not all be exactly the same, and it's wonderful how we're not.

And OH MAN, speaking of white people who think they're black--happy early birthday to Bo Burnham because he is also awesome hilariousness and I love it! Everyone please go listen to 3.14 Apple Pi and I'm Bo Yo and laugh until you can't breathe. You'll thank me for it later, I promise =).


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