Wednesday, August 13, 2008

way #789 to piss me off

Sit in the parking lot in your SUV with the engine running, waiting for whoever to get out of the grocery store. Seriously? Seriously? Because I haven't been driving anywhere at all but to work and the grocery store for the last three or so weeks because gas was more than $4.00 a gallon when I got back from South America and basically I spent all my money while I was down there and now it's either gas or some other bill. And everyone's like oh, whatever we need to do to lessen our reliance on foreign oil, and No drilling Alaska when I'm pretty sure it's all going to run out anyway eventually, whether it's ours first or theirs. And since we can't make up our mind what we want to do, our best in-between is sitting in running parked cars because THAT conserves gas.

And not even kidding, I pulled up next to this SUV which, as I've said, had its engine turned on, and when I finished shopping and rolled up next to my car, guess what was STILL THERE with its engine STILL ON with the same skinny beach ho reclined in her seat, hair blowing in the air conditioning wind.

There's this movie called Fried Green Tomatoes, and if you love southern movies for women--Steel Magnolias-esque, only less classic--it's quite lovely, and funny too. So there's this part where one of the characters gets really mad that these two young girls stole the parking spot she'd been waiting to park in and all of a sudden she just snaps. Goes from letting everyone walk all over her to ramming those girls' car about seven times. Movie-style, in my head, with my little car and its band-aid on the back, that's what was happening.

Seriously though. If you want to waste your gas that way, shut the hell up. Or fill up my tank. Or buy a Hybrid and turn it off when you're not driving. Thanks guys.



nicolioliolio said... i think you did snap.. hahahaha classic. yes i will be filling up tomorrow for the 3rd time in 3 days and it is RIDICULOUS. almost $50 to fill my tank. what the hell.

sarawr said...

that's miserable. i'm sorry =(

but one more reason your living arrangements this year are so fabulous, neighbor! =p =)