Sunday, June 8, 2008

the universe has a twisted sense of humor... and i hate it

let me start off by saying i had absolutely every intention of working this summer, which might come as a huge shock, i know... but i mean it. the impending doom of my credit card statement coming in with an amount due considerably over $500 and just about less than $1000 was looming ahead like a timer on a bomb... tick, tick, tick, BOOM - there goes nicole's credit score and any hope of doing anything else with her summer besides paying off the credit card.

this, of course, had my butt kicked into gear quickly and it was just one day past the week anniversary of me being back in jersey that i headed to the movie theater to start filling out some paperwork, excited to start, but also kinda hoping i wouldn't have to until AFTER indiana jones weekend. well, not only did i miss indy's weekend, and the sex and the city weekend, but here we are, a MONTH later, and have i worked one single day yet? NOPE! and the craziest insane part of all of this is that i actually WANT to work, so, of course, i should have known, that now of all times clearview would choose to be the biggets slackers on the planet and essentially forget they have a completely willing and able worker just dying to get on that schedule! *get ready for sarcasm* good one, universe! so very funny!

it's the universe. i completely and entirely blame the universe. i have, with the exception of college, always avoided working like having a job were the black death and i might as well lick the open wound of a leper during the plague, i openly admit it, sorry that i am the queen of slackers but that is just the way it is. always has been, and probably always will, but i swear to all of you i was honestly trying to change that this summer! you all know it! i posted it a considerable while back and said how much i wanted/need a job... but no! there goes the universe screwing with things again, thinking it's all fun and games, laughing at poor, emphasis on poor, little nicole. ESPECIALLY because it knows i hate nothing more than job hunting so if the theater doesn't call this week (because i won't pander to them by calling myself, AGAIN, since i've had to contact them about everything each stage of the application process as if i were the employer and they were the employee), i'll be forced to go back into search mode. GGRRR!!!!! >:-O

i am thankful for the time i have had thus far with my schedule being freer all thanks to not working and the people i've been able to hang out with and things i've been able to do that might have been hindered by a job. like yesterday, i got to see my first yankee game in like two years at the stadium, which was fabulous and a blast as always, not just because it was an amazing game which we won, but because this is the last season at the current stadium before they move into the new one that is, oh yeah, right across the street. yup, more on that later. anyway, this is my plea to the universe to have clearview wake up and give me some damn hours, because if i end up getting so fed up that i resort to name calling and impolite remakrs, i'm gonna have to go see those remaining 15 movies at the more expensive and less preferred AMC theater by the mall, and i really just dont' want to. bah.

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sarawr said...

emphasis on poor. haha, nice pun.