Monday, June 16, 2008

i'm going to marry someone with a's official

i'm being entirely serious here. there is no doubt in my mind that it is going to happen. break out the tarot cards, ouija board, magic eight ball, and crystal ball. all signs are pointing to yes. an important one that should have tipped me off was that my very first celeb infatuation was with jonathon taylor thomas... Jonathon taylor thomas.

don't believe me? let's examine the evidence. here are a list of all the guys i have either liked or thought were attractive throughout the course of my lifetime that all happened to have names that started with a J... coincidence? i think not:

  • jonathon x2
  • josh x2
  • john x2
  • justin
  • jared
  • jensen
  • julian
  • joe x4 <~~this one scares me a little... ok, alot
  • jason x2
  • james x2
  • jake
  • jordan x2
see what i'm saying here?! that's insane! there might even be more i just can't think of. did you count? that's 12 different names and 21 if you count the repeats!! what is up! the universe is most definitely trying to tell me something.

to be fair, there have been several name frequencies in the nicole list of crushes: 3 erics, 2 ryans, 2 billys, 3 toms, 2 nicks, 2 davids, etc... but still, nothing like the j's!!

maybe i'm crazy... maybe it's nothing... but you remember this when i announce my engagement, just in case...

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