Monday, June 23, 2008

the movie theater will not own me!

so all my complaining about not working has, of course, come back to bite me in the @$$. they are taking over my life!

not only are the shifts to upwards of 9 hours long, but it goes from either being a whole lot of nothing to a whole lot of madness! and i'm not really complaining about the nothingness because that is certainly better than the madness, but i hate standing around looking like i'm not doing any work because, oh yeah, there isn't any work to be doing. you can only clean the counters so many times, ya know?

i never thought i'd say this...but i actually miss concessions at school! i know! what is going on?!

i guess, of course, it could be a lot worse, and i could be working everyday, which might end up being the case later this week...thank god i took off tuesdays or i might never see the outside of that place again! geez! but, i think i should stop complaining because it will only, once again, end up causing me more problems we know!

i think i'm gonna work on that "The Secret" thing... ya know, where the whole trick to getting everything you want in life is honestly believing it and sending the good vibes out into the universe so they come back to you and you get it, etc. etc.? yeah, i'm gonna try that. especially after i just spent a good half hour man bashing my friend's ex boyfriend and even said something about the defectiveness of the Y-chromosome... yeah... haha.

in lighter news, our dear sara is in colombia with alicia and scott experiencing new people and getting their latin grooves on.. love shouts to them all and we hope they come home safe and soon!!! <3

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