Sunday, June 1, 2008

it's already june...what?

so, remember back in an earlier post when i was talking about how i kinda wanted summer to go a bit faster just because i was so excited for next semester, but that it could still take its time as i was in no real hurry? yeah, well, apparently summer missed that last part and it is has to decided to just fly right on by as usual! terrible! SLOW DOWN!

at the end of this week i'll have already been home a month. that's insane! i still can't even believe last weekend was memorial day. before we know it classes will be back in session and it'll be labor day we're celebrating instead. yuck!

the best part is, i've been doing entirely nothing with my life besides hanging out with my awesome friends and putting a dent in that movie list of mine. which is generally how i like it and have no complaints as far as those two things are concerned, but i must say i am looking forward to the frickin' movie theater getting its act together and finally putting me on the schedule. i did start the applications on may 15, just one week after i was home, so it's clearly not my fault the process takes 12 years. suffice to say, i'm growing bored out of my mind, which i didn't think was possible, with sitting around watching tv all day (when i'm not puppy sitting that is, which has been the only semi-productive thing i do during some days).

speaking of my awesome friends earlier, thursday was an especially amazing example of this as i hung out with one of my oldest and dearest, miss lizzie - who is one of the loves of my life and my always dependable eating partner in crime. after both of us unintentionally, though probably subconsciously, had hardly anything to eat all day, when it came time for dinner at the fabulous trat, we each had bread, a salad, penne vodka, and a slice of pizza. all of which we topped off later that evening with a piece of ice cream cake. i couldn't be prouder of us. (oh, yeah, we finished everything. i know, i know... where do we put it? :-P )

the ice cream cake for lizzie's birthday which was monday was enjoyed while playing mall madness (which loses some of its luster when you realize how incredibly true the prices of some things are and that once you've been using your own credit card and buying these things, it's not as fun as it was when it was just a game and the money was fake - we were both a little depressed after that) and life (where i awesomely made it through as a travel agent with a $90,000 a year salary before lizzie, the pro-athelete, took it from me), because old school board games are the sh*t and you're never too old to play. i won mall madness (the irony not lost on me of how much in reality i really hate malls) and she won life, so it worked out nicely. all in all, we had the time of our life.

i look forward to more summer nights of eating and playing games.
that is, after all, what summer is all about, isn't it? as long as summer takes its lovely time and passes by as fast as an old lady fresh outta the nursing home with a bad hip and a walker!

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sarawr said...

a few things:

1. you wrote that in teal because secretly you want to relocate all your summer fun (friends included) to wilmington.

2. you said icecream cake, and i about died. i really want some icecream cake now.

3. i know, right? i'm kind of freaking out that it's june already.