Wednesday, December 31, 2008

well... back in time for 2009 *wiiiiiiiiink*

Well, I have managed to stay up all night completely on accident and it's nearly nine (in the morning) and I'm still awake, so why not write a blog? Since I haven't written one in more than two months, and our poor blog has nearly died, Nicole writing hopeful posts every so often, but it's like this: when I fall off the planet, I can't find it again for another three months.


It's the new year, and this is what we do. I want to write once a week--more if I like, sure, but at least once a week. Next semester will probably be as crazy as the last for me, but in a different way, although not only do I mean to blog, I mean to do my homework.

So this is not much of a post at all, but it's New Years Eve and it's the south, so craziness will ensue, which means I'll be blogging soon enough. It's good to be back =)


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