Thursday, March 26, 2009

i just don't care about school anymore

first, let's discuss how i haven't been on here in about 87 years. that is because said school has largely taken over my life with said stuff i can no longer seem to get very interested in. for instance, i should be writing a paper right now. actually, i'm in the middle of writing it and somehow got distracted by celebs on twitter (the new greatest thing known to mankind and time-sucker extraordinaire, at least in my life lately anyway) and gossip sites with pictures of celebs walking from a store to their car. why i find those things interesting, i can't say exactly, but don't lie, you love it, too.

second, i am more than half way through the spring semester, which means summer is right around the corner and that's pretty much all i can think about. even though this summer will be slightly marred by classes i'll be taking for a month, it is looking to be one of the best yet. bahamas + jobros, living at the beach, texas + dane cook + jobros, and then starting my final semester as an undergrad! madness! awesome madness! this all being the reason my brain cannot focus on the treatment of mental disorders or archaeological critiques because it's screaming, "SUMMER! FUN! ALMOST DONE WITH UNDERGRAD!" this is technically my senior year, therefore senioritis is an important and prevalent factor. i saw several people with their graduation paraphernalia today and i got a tinge, ok a massive tinge, of excitement that in less than 9 months that is going to be me walking around in my cap and gown. can you believe it?! i can still hardly. besides, the end of the semester is always the worst, too. i haven't figured out if it is always actually overloaded with work or it just feels that way because we can already smell the ocean and feel those warm sun rays. it's so close i can almost taste it!

third, i was busy preparing for italy. i've been back now for 2 weeks and still feel as though i haven't adjusted to being back. i keep expecting to wake up in the hotel room and have to be up and ready to go on another ancient exploration! it was an interesting trip, so many words come to mind: incredible, gorgeous, fun, tiring, long, did i say tiring? i meant EXHAUSTING, different, life-altering, new, thrilling. it sounds cheesy and cliche, but i really feel in some weird, indescribable way that i came back a different person. ok, maybe not a different person, but that my outlook on things has certainly changed, expanded. sarawr probably knows what i'm talking about. i have a feeling world traveling has the habit of doing that to a person. and i love it. if i got anything out of the trip, it's that, and i wouldn't trade it all back for anything. i knew there was more to the world when i visited my dad in texas, and then when i came here for school, but it's all so much more when you're surrounded by a completely new culture and people who are speaking something you barely understand while driving 90 miles an hour down side streets made of stones in cars the size of shoe boxes past buildings that are pretty much all ancient.

fourth, all of this combined has just put school as pretty much the last thing i'm concerned about. which is probably not correct or a good thing, but it's all showed me that there is SO much more to life out there than sitting in a classroom reading books you aren't all that interested in while listening to professors ramble on for an hour on that book you aren't all that interested in when you can't stop daydreaming about the next place you'll go and all the things you'll do. even not knowing where you're going to go or what you'll do, but just knowing that it's all beyond that manufactured chunk of wood called a desk that you're sitting in and you can't wait to be there!

i guess what it all comes down to is that i'm incredibly ready for "the rest of my life" to start. whatever that may mean. i want grad school and california and making my dreams happen! is that too much to ask? maybe... but that doesn't mean i'm not gonna annoy the hell outta whoever i have to asking for it.


sarawr said...

two things. first, celebrities twitter? for real? and second, i am very sad we haven't talked about all this amazingness with you and italy. i do understand exactly what you mean =) which is why i want to hear all about it. since we're definitely hanging out this weekend, i expect a large portion of that time to be spent talking about it =)

nicolioliolio said...

TONS of celebrities twitter and it is amazing.. including our favorite, PEREZ!!!!!!!! you should def get on it and start stalking. it's the easiest and fastest way now. amazing. it completely has taken over my life and i am ok with that. and we are so hanging out and discussing our lives to the fullest. cannot wait <3