Monday, July 14, 2008

why so serious?

does everyone know what is coming out this week?!?!?!! THE DARK KNIGHT! THAT'S RIGHT!!!!!

i have been seriously considering going to the midnight showing. this mostly depends on what time i have to be up for work the next day, not to mention how tired i am thursday night, because lord knows i won't be getting home then until 3am. (and yes, i know it's summer and i'm 19, but i'm an old lady and that is waaaaaay past my bedtime) this is heath's last film he completed, too. :-( *moment of silence* so, there is a VERY large possibility that i might cry the entire movie from his first screen appearance until the ending credits. (sorry, i'm a sap like that, especially concerning my fave actors)

this also means it will be MADNESS at the theater this weekend. O JOY. maybe even though it's batman everyone is still going away and down the shore and what not, so not as many people would be around as if it were during the off-season. yeah, right. but hey, a girl can hope. i'm actually on my way out to go to work, but wanted to get in a quick little blog since it has been over a week, again, and i think the blog is starting to feel disowned.

remind me next time to tell you all about my very first spa experience! back soon!


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