Saturday, July 5, 2008

i miss wilmington

well, it's been nearly a week and a half since the last post. i was waiting for sara to come on here and yell about how horrible it is that the blog has been deserted before i could come on here and write something, but looks like i beat her to it!

sorry for the gap, people. work HAS been owning my life and therefore taking up any time i might be doing something else and getting lovely interesting stories to impart with you all (work is kinda boring). so besides me not being on the computer much, the very fact that i have really nothing to talk about is the reason for a lack in things. hence, why i have decided to come on here and rant about how much i miss dub town and want to go back like...yesterday.

besides working, life is generally fine. have been seeing all my awesome amazing friends and being a big old ice cream eating lazy bum fattie as we know i do so well (might be my greatest talent), and love so much. but i INCREDIBLY miss all my NC lovers and cannot wait til i'm back on campus, running around wag, actually writing again since calling it "homework" seems to be just about the only thing to get my butt in gear these days when it comes to that...

i miss the warmth and beauty and beach and flaming amy's and outback adventures and the riverwalk and sara-nicole dates and late night frosties! i miss all of it! :-( *sigh* at the end of this week there will be just about a month until i am finally, thankfully back, and let me tell you... it CANNOT come soon enough!

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