Wednesday, October 1, 2008

october is the best month ever

should be pretty self-explanatory, but let me elaborate.

october is the best month ever because of the following:

1. it holds the highly esteemed, revered, and celebrated date of birth of one the world's greatest living treasures--me.
2. the last day of the month goes out in inimitable style with free candy and costumes and parties and spirits roaming the earth! what more could you ask for! and finally...
3. the much desired and awesomely timed fall break occurs here as well, giving us poor, tired, worn out students a very deserved break in the middle of the semester.

not to mention that this year, the release of the highly-anticipated (not just to me, ask anyone) HSM3 is oct. 24... even better for october's clout!!

fall gets into full swing here, too, so the leaves are changing all kinds of crimsons, tangerines, and butterscotches. and the weather is finally starting to cool down. there are hayrides and leaf-pile-jumping and trips to the pumpkin patch!

i mean, honestly, when does any other time of the year offer so much? that's right, none.

tomorrow it is off to jersey for me. the forecast for both flying dates claims sunny skies, so hopefully there will be no delays or missed flights. i will try my hardest to find some crazy people in the airport yelling at their kids or running to catch their plane in high heels and a mini skirt for me to blog about next week when i get back.

safe breaks, everyone, and happy october!! :-D

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