Friday, October 10, 2008

perez hilton -- a blogging icon

it's 12am on friday morning and i am weirdly wide awake and decided i wanted to blog. sadly, besides the fact that sam waterson from law and order was on my plane back from charlotte to wilmington, i have no interesting information to give. so, i thought, hmm... what were sara and i just hysterically laughing about thursday afternoon? that would be something good to talk about.

well, we were, of course, brought to tears by none other than the fabulous perez hilton. for those of you less media savvy and up-to-date on your hollywood gossip bloggers, perez is the genius behind (whose blog is listed at the bottom right of our blog under possible pant thieves you should check out--and yes, you should check it out), where he posts pics and news bits about anyone and everyone that calls themself a celebrity.

sara and i can't decide why we love him more--our shared hate of miley cyrus or how he calls zac efron 'zacquisha,' or any of the other reasons he is hilariously amazing. and i personally share his adoration of a certain musically-inclined trio of brothers from jersey - OJD!! sara knows that i'm slowly fostering the love of them in her, too. because come on, they are just so dang cute, how can you not? but i digress, this is not another post about my OJD, this is about the awesomeness that is perez.

he speaks his mind, which is often the truth and opinions that others have but might not be as inclined to share, and we respect him for that. he is, after all, a king amongst bloggers, whose own celebrity we can only dream of acheiving. though he is loved by many and hated by some, no one can begrudge him the fact that he has managed to turn his little gossip column into a phenonemon that is referenced in tv shows, magazines, and has earned him his own tv slot. all that talk about celebrities has turned him into one! *insert jealously here*

so, here's to you, perez: keep doin' your thang, girlfriend! we'll be reading. much love <3

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sarawr said...

he called another girlfriend a beard, did you see it? =)